What is happiness


As I’m growing older and older every year I’m figuring out that there is no such thing as happiness , humans always search for that thing or that person or what ever that makes them happy , but as soon as they reach their what is called “happiness” it starts to fade away , and they start feeling empty and unsatisfied all over again .
So this is how you realize that happiness doesn’t really exists , let’s consider it as an illusion , an unstable illusion , one day you’re happy and the next day you’re not . Wether you are wealthy or poor , sick or sane , black or white  you are all searching for happiness .
People can’t predict what’s coming , so at least we should try just try to live the moment to leave everything behind all the misery and all the problems and just move on from yesterday and always search for what makes us happy and relieved , search for good vibes and positive energy , because that’s the only way for survival from misery and sadness . Forget the past , live the present and look forward for the futur.